Marvel's Agent Carter "The Blitzkrieg Button" (2015.01.17) - In Review

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Marvel's Agent Carter "The Blitzkrieg Button" (2015.01.17) - In Review

Postby Capes (Optional) » Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:00 am

Marvel's Agent Carter (2015) season 1, episodes 4
In Review

"The Blitzkrieg Button"


AIR DATE: January 27 2015


‘The Blitzkrieg Button’ sees the return of a familiar face to Agent Carter (plus a gem of a cameo by Stan Lee), while bringing back secrets of the past and unanswered questions. This season being a self contained ongoing plotline, it advances that story along on more than one front, namely the Stark investigation and the enigmatic organization known as Leviathan.

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and her colleagues at the SSR (most of who have no use for her) are pursuing some of the same leads, albeit in separate investigations. Two Leviathan operators who have fallen in the streets of America have, rather inconveniently, been revealed to be among the dead in a battle between German and Soviet forces some years earlier. This leads SSR chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) to take a trip to Europe to question a German colonel about to be hung. What he learns is even more baffling than the fact the two were still alive.

Other SSR agents, still dealing with the death of one of their own, are still searching for clues about the mystery woman who’s been involved in their case, not yet knowing that the mystery woman is in fact one of their own. Peggy is busy covering her tracks while engaged in bantering back and forth with Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), back from being on the lam but still the subject of a manhunt. Howard is a man out of his element (and yet still able to hold his own romantically with one of Peggy’s housemates) while he tries to evade being found by the uptight puritan landlady - and some of the spare humour of the episode comes from Peggy and Howard sparring. Not all between them is light, however - Peggy discovers something Howard has kept to himself, something with a personal connection for her, and the secret is hidden by another lie in and of itself.

Howard shows something to Peggy

It has been wise thus far to keep Peggy essentially isolated from her SSR colleagues while she pursues a parallel investigation. The disregard many of them have for her, considering the gender politics of the time, leaves her the odd spy out, so to speak. It also gives her a certain amount of room to maneuver, though you wonder how long she still has, given the clouds of suspicion and the sense that things are closing in on her. Both in the writing and in Atwell’s performance, we’re getting a tremendously sympathetic character with a lot of inner strength. She can take care of herself, wants to keep up that stiff upper lip, yet at the same time Atwell lets the character let her guard down. It’s continuing to be a character well worth watching, just to see what she does next.

Howard Stark
and a mysterious stranger

4½ / 5

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